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Counting the Cost from Papal Paralysis by R. John Kinkel, ch.11. 2014

The Moral Theology of Pope John Paul II by Charles E. Curran, ch.5. 2005

Contraception and the Power Struggle in the Church, by Tony Flannery, 1999

Does Morality Change? by Seán Fagan, 1997

Personal reflections on Birth Control, Charles E. Curren,1969

Procreation and Control, Sidney Callahan, 1969

Theologians’ Statement, NCR, Aug.7,1969

The Encyclical Crisis, by Bernard Häring,1969

Dissent in and for the Church, (book) by Charles E Curran and Robert E Hunt, 1969

Frequent, Even Daily, Communion, by Michael Novak,1969

A Catholic Paediatrician on Family Planning, by Thomas F.Draper,1969

Excerpts from  Pope and Pill by Leo Pyle, 1968

The Common Good, The Canadian Bishops and the Public Debate on Contraception, 1966-1969 by Brenda Appleby,1997