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The Church laws regarding marriage – Family Planning and Birth control

Testimony by Sr. Dr. Jasinta Prakashappa

When Vatican II spoke of marriage in principle it did not address the influence of local cultural practices and their influence on the faithful.

One cultural evil is the caste system which is similar to the racism of the West. The church has failed to tackle the obnoxious practices of the caste system which is still alive. The evil observances of widowhood (ie. Not accepting the remarriage of the widow), the dowry system, bride burning, female infanticide are very visible among the Catholics. The Church is satisfied just administering the sacraments. The traditional evils are untouched, the Church hides behind the so called sacred and she sees to the spiritual aspects of marriage and does not touch the ground reality.


Family Planning and Birth Control

The Church’s position on Natural Family Planning and, nothing else, has drawn flack from the catholic community.  People have become numb with regard to the teaching and are quite at home in using Contraception specially in India  and don’t feel guilty using it because it is the order of the day in the larger society and they don’t even confess it anymore.  As a consequence the church which abounded in running orphanages, now as people are aware of the use of contraception the orphanages are closed down.

The faithful make use of these devices according to their convenience. When no guidance is given specially to the youth, the birth control devices that are used to limit the families have been misused for extra marital relationships and promiscuity.