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I. Bibliographies

The Catholic Periodical and Literature Index for 1968 (year volume) through July-August 1976.

ETL – “Dossier Humanae Vitae”:

in 45(1969), n.2,               pp.232-46

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ETL – § 4. De vertutibus moralibus, a. De temperantia:

in 49(1973), n. 2-3,          pp.593-4

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52(1976), n. 2-4,               pp.343-5

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“Humanae Vitae. Aporte para una bibliografia senalada de documentos y articulos publicados con              ocasion de la enciclica de Pablo VI hasta fines de           1968,” in Theologia (Buenos Aires) 7(1969),          pp.77-127.

Index to Religious Periodical Literature, from Jan./June (1971) to Jan./ June 1976 (semi-annual ed.).

World Justice (Justice dans le monde) 10(1968-9), n. 2 – 12(1970-1), n. 4.

II. Statements of the collective bishops on Humanae Vitae
Angola: Statement of the bishops, in Novidades (Lisbon), 12 Feb. 1969, pp. 2.& 7.

Australia (1): “Statement of the Australian bishops, issued 5 August 1968,” in HVB, p. 57, from the Catholic Weekly of New South Wales. Cf., Archief 23(1968), n. 40, cc. 1005-6; Dossier I, pp. 7-8; The Tablet 222(1968), p. 830.

Australia (2.) : “Pastoral Letter on the Application of Humanae Vitae Addressed by the Bishops of Australia to Their Priests,” Sept. 1974. (Acquired privately from the official printing of the bishops’ conference.)

Austria: “Statement issued by the Austrian Bishops’ Conference at Graz on 21 Sept. 1968,” in HVB, pp. 58-62. Cf., Archief 23(1968), n. 42, cc. 1036-40; La Civilta cattolica A. 119(1968), v. 4, pp. 381-4; Doc. Cath. 65(1968), n, 1526, cc. 1797-1802; Dossier I, pp. 161-7; Pour Relire, pp. 117-21; Orientamenti Sociali 24(1968), pp. 965-8; Wiener Diozensanblatt 106(1 Oct. 1968), pp. 103-5; Wiener Kirchenzeitung 49(1968), n. 39, pp. 1-2.

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Bolivia: issued in October 1968: in Presencia (La Paz), 18 Nov. 1968.

Brazil: “Declaration by the Central Committee of the Brazilian Bishops’ National Conference, given at Rio de Janeiro, 25 October 1968,” in HVB, pp. 69-75. Cf., Revista Eclesiastica Brasileira 28(1968), pp. 963-6.

Canada (1): “Statement, of the Canadian Bishops,” issued 27 Sept. 1968 at Winnipeg, Canada, in HVB, pp. 76-83. Cf., Catholic Mind 66(1968), n. 1227, pp. 52-7; Doc. Cath. 65(1968), cc. 1869-75; Dossier II, pp. 49- 55; L’Eglise canadienne 1(1968), pp. 292-4; Archief 23(1968), n. 45, cc. 1113-9; Orientamenti Sociali 24(1968), pp. 974-9; Pour Relire, pp. 15-22, from Eglise de Montreal. 30 Sept. 1968; Il Regno. Documentazione (1968), pp. 396-8; The Tablet 222(1968), n. 6699, pp. 1023- 25. Cf., also, “Precisions de 1’Episcopat canadien au suject de ‘Humanae Vitae’ in Doc. Cath. 66(1969), n. 1540, pp. 487-8.

C.E.L.A.M.: “Family and Demography,” a chapter of the Final Declaration of the Second Ge eral Conference of Latin American Bishops, issued 6 Sept. 1968 at Medellin, Colombia, in CELAM II, pp. 83-93. Cf., Christus (Mexico) 33(1968), pp. 1050-51; ICI (1 Oct. 1968), n. 321, pp. 21-5; Archief 23(1968), n. 46-7, cc. 1148-60; Pour Relire, pp. 61-8. The shorter version of this statement dealing only with the encyclical, para. 10 & 11, appears in HVB, pp. 84-5 and Dossier II, pp. 167-8.

Ceylon: “Pastoral Letter of the Bishops of Ceylon,” issued at Colombo, Ceylon, 26 August 1968, in HVB, pp. 86-91, from L’OR (English ed.) 14 Nov. 1968. Cf. The Messenger (Colombo) 31 Aug. 1968; Pour Relire, pp. 79-83.

Colombia: “Pastoral Letter of the Bishops’ Conference,” issued at Bogota, Colombia, 12 Sept. 1968, in HVB, pp. 92-4, from El Catolocismo (Bogota), Oct. 1968. Cf., Archief 24(1969), n. 3, cc. 79-81; Dossier II, pp. 168-71; Pour Relire, pp. 69-71.

Czechoslovakia: “Pastoral Letter of the Bishops of Czechoslovakia Published in Katolicke Noniny, Prague, on 27 April 1969,” in HVB, pp. 95-9.

Dahomey: “Lettre pastorale de Mgr. Gantin, archeveque de Cotonou, en date du 17 octobre 1968,” in Pour Relire, pp. 3-4, from D.I.A.

East Germany: “”Pastoral Reflections of the Bishops – issued on 10 September 1968, signed by the seven residential bishops of East Germany and addressed to ‘all the clergy in the eastern sector of the diocese,’ On 12 September, signed by Cardinal Bengsch alone, it was addressed to ‘all the clergy in West Berlin,'” in HVB, pp. 111-111. Cf., Archief 23(1968), n. 43, cc. 1069-77; Dossier I, pp. 144-59; Pour Relire, pp. 105-15.

England and Wales: “Joint Statement of the English and Welsh Bishops,” issued 24 September 1968, in HVB, pp. 112-8. Cf. , Archief 23(1968), n. 41, cc. 1021-8; Catholic Mind 66(1968), n. 1 227 , pp. 59-62; Ia Civilta cattolica A 119(1968), n. 4, pp. 161-65; Doc. Cath., 65(1968), n. 1526, cc. 1791-6; Dossier I, pp. 66-75; Orientamenti Sociali 24(1968), pp. 992-4; Pour Relire, pp. 163-8; The Tablet 2.22(28 Sept. 1968), n. 6697, pp. 972-3.

France: “Note pastorale de l’episcopate frangais adoptee a la quasi-un-animite par l’assemblee pleniere a Lourdes, le 8 novembre 1968,” in Pour Relire, pp. 149-57, from Doc. Cath., 65(1968), n. 1529, cc. 2255- 62. Cf., Ami du Clerge 78(1968), p. 712-5; Archief 24(1969), n. 2, cc. 37-46; Cahiers d’action religieuse et sociale (1968), pp. 681-96; La civilta cattolica A 119(1968), v. 3, pp. 589-96; Confrontations 1 (1968)   , n. 5, pp. 393-403; La Croix (10-11 Nov. 1968); Dossier II, pp. 56-67; HVB, pp. 119-29; ICI (1968), n. 324, pp. 33-6; Lumen 17(1968), pp. 445-52; II Regno, Documentazione (1968), pp. 438-41.

India : “Statement of the Standing Committee of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of India held in Bangalore, 30 Sept. to 4 Oct. 1968,” in HVB, pp. 130-31, from L’OR (English ed.) 31 Oct. 1968. Cf., Archief 24 (1969), n. 1, cc. 12-14; The Clergy Monthly 32(1968), p. 519; Dossier II, pp. 85-6; Pour Relire, pp. 85-6; The Tablet 222(2 Nov. 1968), n. 6702, p. 1076.

Indonesia (1): “Lettre adressee au Saint-Pere par trente members de la Conference episcopale indonesienne, de Klaten, le 24 octobre 1968,” in Pour Relire, pp. 87-8. Cf., Archief 24(1969), n. 4, cc. 102-4; Dossier II, pp. 89-91.

Indonesia (2): “Lettre adressee au clerge par le Conference episcopale indonesienne, de Klaten, le 24 octobre 1968,” in Pour Relire, pp. 89- 91. Cf., Archief 24(1969); n. 4, cc. 105-7; Dossier II, pp. 91-4.

Indonesia (3): “Statement issued at Klaten, Mawi, in October 1968,” in HVB, pp. 132-7, from L’OR (English ed.), 5 Dec. 1968, p. 5. Cf., Hidup Katolik (Djakarta) 22(1968), pp. 658-64.

Indonesia (4): “An Additional Pastoral Clarification of the Letter of the Bishops’ Conference of 1968 Concerning Planned Parenthood,” in PPCR, pp. 54-7. Cf. Origins: NC Documentary Service 5(11 Oct. 1973), n. 16, Issued in November, 1972.

Ireland (1): “Declaration of the Irish Bishops,” issued on 9 Oct. 1968 after their two-day meeting at Maynooth, Ireland, in HVB, pp. 138-9. Cf., Archief 24(1969), n. 1, cc. 11-2; Catholic Mind 66(1968), n. 1228, pp. 54 Doc. Cath. 65(1968), n. 1528, cc. 2003-4; OSV, pp. 26-7; Pour Relire, pp. 175-6; The Tablet 222(26 Oct. 1968), n. 6701, pp. 1077—8.

Ireland (2): “Pastoral Letter of the Irish Bishops,” issued 16 February 1969, in HVB, pp. 140-62. Published by the C.T.S. in Feb. 1969.

Ireland (3): “Human Life is Sacred: Pastoral letter of the Archbishops and Bishops of Ireland to the clergy, religious and faithful,” on 1 May 1975 (Dublin: Veritas, 1975).

Italy: “Statement issued in Rome on 10 September 1968 by the Presidential council of the Italian Bishops’ Conferences,” in HVB, pp. 163-8, from L’OR (English ed.) of 15 Sept. 1968, Cf., Archief 23(1968), n. 40, cc. 1000-5: Doc. Cath. 65(1968), cc. 1689-93; Dossier I, pp. 94-102; OSV, pp. 27-30; Lumen 17(1968), pp. 435-9; Orientamenti Sociali 24 (1968), pq. 959-64; Ecclesia (1968), n. 1421, pp. 25-7; Perfice Munus 43(1968), pp. 578-83; Pour Relire, pp. 177-84; Revue Clerge Africain 24(1969), pp. 49-53; La Scuola Cattolica 96(1969), pp. 522-5.

Japan: “Pastoral Note” issued by the Japanese Bishops at Tokyo, 28 November 1968, in HVB, pp. 169-70. Cf., The Japan Missionary Bulletin 23(1969) pp. 58-9.

Korea: “Statement issued by the Conference of the Bishops of Korea on 2.6 September 1968,” in HVB, pp. 171-8

Malta (1): “Pastoral Letter issued by Archbishop Gonzi of Malta on 6 August 1968,” in HVB, pp. 179-82.

Malta (2): “Directives for Confessors on ‘The Relations of Married People’ Prepared by the Diocesean Theological Commission and Approved by the Maltese Bishops,” unpublished document obtained privately. Para. 5-7 of this document were published in “Malta: Clash on     Contraception,” in The Tablet 226(13 May 1972),n.6883, p. 458.

Mexico (1): “Declaration des eveques mexicains lors de leur assemble pleniere du 9 aout 1968,” in Pour Relire, pp. 73-5. Cf., Christus (Mexico) 34(1969), pp. 8-11; La Civilta cattolica A 119(1968), v. 4, pp. 384-6; Hechos y Dichos 390(1968), pp. 917-9; Revista Eclesiastica del Arzobispado de Puebla, 51(1968), pp. 399-402.

Mexico (2): “Statement issued by the Mexican Episcopal Conference, 11 April 1969,” in HVB., pp. 182-90.

Mexico (3): Excerpts of the original statement can be found in PPCR, pp.167-8 and 198-9. The revised ed. is published as Mensaje del Episcopado al Pueblo de Mexico sobre la Paternidad Responsable (Mexico: Ediciones del Secretarioado del Episcopado, 1972).

Netherlands (1): “Interim Statement of the Dutch Bishops,” in HVB, p. 191. Cf., “Brief van de nederlandse bisschopen aan de priesters, 31 juli 1968,” in Dossier I, p. 112; Herder Correspondence, October 1968; Orientamenti Sociali 24(1968), pp; 995-6; De Tijd, 2 Aug. 1968.

Netherlands (2): “Statement of the Dutch Pastoral Council” (The Final Declaration), in HVB, p. 192, issued 5 Jan 1969. C.f., Archief 24(1969), cc. 384-6, 394; Dossier II, pp. 109-24; The Tablet 223(1969), p. 68.

New Zealand: “Statement of the New Zealand Bishops, issued 6 August 1968,” in HVB pp. 193-4. Cf., The Tablet 222(1968), p. 830.

Philippines: “Statement of the Philippine Bishops,” in HVB, pp. 394-210. Cf., Catholic Mind 67(1969), pp. 54-64.; OSV, pp. 30-37; “Pastoral Letter of the Catholic Hierarchy of the Philippines on the Encyclical Letter ’Humanae Vitae’,” Pasay City (Philippines): Daughters of St. Paul, 1969.

Poland (1): “Statement of the Polish Episcopate to the faithful, given during the conference of the Polish bishops in Opole, 17 September 1968,” in HVB, pp. 211-12.

Poland (2): “Pastoral letter issued by the Conference of the Polish Hier¬archy on 12 February 1969,” in HVB, pp. 213-9. Cf., L’OR 109 (16 Apr. 1969), n. 87, p. 2.

Portugal: “Statement issued by the Portugese Bishops at Lisbon, 21 November 1968,” in HVB, pp. 220-9, Cf., Accao catolica portuguesa (1969), n. 393, pp. 30-6; Criterio 42(1969), pp. 416-8; Doc. Cath. 65(1969), pp. 484-7; Dossier II, pp. 125-35; Miriam 15(1968), n. 10-12, pp. 18-22.

Puerto Rico: “Statement issued by the Doctrinal Commission of the Episcopal Conference of Puerto Rico, appearing in NADOC (Servicio Latinamericano de Documentacion para el Desarrollo Publicado por Noticias A.liadas) , Lima, Peru, on 5 March 1969, in HVB, pp. 230-4. Cf., El Mundo (San Juan) 12 March 1969.

Rhodesia: “Declaration, de la Conference episcopale rhodesienne, fait le 12 octobre 1968,” in Pour Relire., p. 5, from D.I.A.

Scandinavia: “Pastoral Letter of the Scandinavia Bishops,” in HVB, pp. pp. 235-41. Cf., Archief 24(1969), cc. 97-103; Catholic Mind 66 (1968), n. 1228, pp. 49-54; La Civilta Cattolica A 120(1969), v. 1, pp. 65-8; Doc. Cath. 65(1968), n. 1529, cc. 2067-72; OSV, pp. 37-40; Pour Relire, pp. 195-200.

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Senegal: “Lettre de Mgr. Hyacinthe Thiandoum, archeveque de Dakar, destinee a prefacer l’edition de l”encyclique de Paul VI (12 Septembre 1968),” in Pour Relire, pp. 7-11, from L’OR, 4 Oct. 1968. Cf., Dossier II, pp. 6—11; Revue de Clerge Africain 24(1969), pp.35ff.

South Africa:” Pastoral Directive on Family Planning, issued by the South African Catholic Bishops’ Conference, 8 February              1974,” in The Tablet 228(23 Mar. 1974), n. 6977, pp. 298-300. Cf. Archief 29(1974)’, pp. 466-9.

Spain (1): “Nota van de spaanse bisschoppelijke commissie voor de geloofsleer,” in Dossier I, pp. 170-71. Cf., Archief 23(1968), n. 42, cc. 1040-41; Doc. Cath. 65(1968), c. 1802; The Furrow 19(1968), pp. 661-2.

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Thailand: Statements of the Bishops issued 29 July 1968 in L’OR 10 August 1968. Cf., Periodica 58(1969), pp. 242-7.

U.S.A. (1): “Preliminary statement issued by the National Conference of Catholic Bishops on 26 August 1968,” in HVB, p. 262. Cf. Archief 23 (1968), n. 38, c. 933; Catholic Mind 66(1968), n. 1225, pp. 1-2; Dossier I, p. 185.

U.S.A. (2): “Human Life in Our Day, the joint pastoral letter of the bishops of the United States issued on 15 November 1968 at their annual meeting in Washington, D.C.,” in HVB, pp. 264-302. Cf., Catholic Mind 66 (1969)         , n. 1228, pp. 1-28; Doc. Cath. 66(1969), n. 1537, pp. 323-7; Dossier II, pp. 150-63 (abridged ed.); Pour Relire, pp. 25-58.

Vietnam (Mgr. Nguyen Van Binh) in Doc. Cath., 65(1969), n. 1525, c. 1720.

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West Pakistan: Statement issued 15 Feb 1969, in The Christian Voice (Karachi) 20(1969), n. 8, p. 1.

Yugoslavia (1): “Lettre pastorale de l’episcopat yogoslave,” issued 11 Oct. 1968, in Pour Relire, pp. 211-5, from L’OR of 15 March 1969.

Yugoslavia (2): “Statement of the Episcopal Conference of the Yugoslav Bishops, issued at Zagreb on 5 December 1969,” in HVB, pp, 313-32.

III. The reactions to Humanae Vitae
A. Books and monographs
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